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Acoplamento amortecedor Terex

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Lugar de origem: 
Zhejiang, China (continente), Zhejiang, China (continente)

Informação básica

Modelo: TR100

Descrição do produto


Aovite is a Professional Terex dump truck parts supplier

                        Company started in 1979 specializing in the production from heavy-duty mining parts


1.from the material. we have our own heat treatment workshop and professional
materials experts.
2.from the processing.we have purchased 4-axis coordinated horizontal processing
center, 4-axis coordinated vertical  processing center all from the brands famous
abroad,which effectively ensures the stability of quality during the processing stage.
3.from the testing equipment. we have a series of high-precision testing equipment
including coordinate measuring machine,roundness measuring instrument and
full-performance test stand which can get message of spares from computer.
Each set of product will go through strict tests and inspections before delivery.

(Some products we will carry out a month of consecutive test)

4. certification. Quality ,management certification and  patent in China. time. a mining truck idle cost so much , so we have large stock to reduce
the deliver time. 

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